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Rebecca Daen

Why did you donate to Pay It Forward MBA?
As a young professional, I am continually inspired by classmates and colleagues who take it upon themselves to solve a problem they see. I fundamentally believe every person should endeavor to make the world brighter and better than they found it, and this scholarship is a perfect example. Thank you to Gbenoba and the team for bringing this amazing idea to life!

What advice would you give incoming MBAs?
Trust yourself and the value you bring to your MBA community. Remembering this was the biggest challenge for me in coming back to business school. Coming from a background in the education and policy sector, I definitely let myself become intimidated by classmates who had more on-brand backgrounds during my first year. At the end of the day, your value to classmates is not only predicated on the background you gained prior to business school; it is what you do everyday during school -- reaching out to peers, getting involved, etc -- that brings value.

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