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The Scholarship Program

In light of COVID-19, five different scholarship opportunities for incoming MBAs (open to all schools) who will show through an application and virtual presentation how they intend to #PayItForward to next year's scholarship recipient.

The five separate scholarship opportunities will be awarded to an:

  1. Incoming MBA Student who Identifies as a Woman;

  2. Incoming MBA Student who is a U.S. Active Duty Military Servicemember or U.S. Veteran;

  3. Incoming MBA Student who is Interested in Venture Capital or Private Equity; 

  4. Incoming MBA Student at The University of Texas at Austin Based on Financial Need; or

  5. The Brand Foundry Ventures Scholarship. 

    • This scholarship focuses on diversity and inclusion, traditionally underrepresented racial or ethnic minority groups in the U.S., and underprivileged groups in the venture capital industry

Potential scholarship recipients (incoming MBAs Class of 2025) the link to apply will open on September 15, 2023 link to opportunities to apply by October 15, 2023.

Speaker Series

Industry leaders have kindly agreed to connect with our scholars ...

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