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Brian Mitchell

Why did you donate to Pay It Forward MBA?
I think Pay It Forward MBA is a fantastic opportunity to give back to an MBA program that I love by helping talented students pursue their education there. The opportunity to impact the education of diverse candidates is something that is important to me and this is a great opportunity to be able to make an impact.

What advice do you have for incoming MBAs?
Value the time spent getting your degree and make as many connections as possible. It is a unique time to learn from peers who have a wide variety of experience and interests. Find something that interests you as well! There’s time to figure it out during your first year if you aren’t sure. Also, don’t be afraid to take classes off the beaten path, one of my favorite classes only had 6 students.

What are some of your favorite memories during your time at University of Texas at Austin?
My favorite memories from McCombs always revolve around the people I met and worked with during my time there. They challenged me to be the best version of myself which has paid off immensely since I’ve left.

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